About Human Element

Human Element was formed with the goal of improving how organizations defend their critical assets against cyber threats

Shon Harris Security Training

Shon Harris didn’t invent information security training. But it’s safe to say she has influenced it more than anyone else. Her CISSP books and courses set a standard that others are still trying to follow; and the security industry and its 100,000+ Certified Information Systems Security Professionals are better off due to her approach to training. Human Element continues to offer and improve upon Shon’s training. A well-trained security workforce is critical to achieving our goal of better cyber defense. Read more about Shon Harris and our Shon Harris Training courses.

Security from the Inside Out

  • 95% of all security breaches are due to human error and 60% of all attacks originate inside the firewall.
  • Human Element has a different approach. By holistically analyzing your environment we focus on the assets that require the most protection and the vulnerabilities that present the greatest risk.
  • This inside out approach lets you apply defensive actions that mitigate risk at the core of your enterprise.