Shon Harris CISSP Exam Simulator

The Shon Harris CISSP Exam Simulator was carefully designed to ensure that all of the components map to and cover all 8 domains of the Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). The CISSP Exam Simulator has been successfully used by thousands of security experts around the world for exam preparation.

The CISSP self-study tool contains the following:

  • 6 Month Access to the Shon Harris CISSP Exam Simulator
  • More than 2,500 Practice Exam Questions
  • Individual Domain Exams
  • Automated Scoring and Feedback
  • Realistic Exam Situational Questions
  • Includes Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank questions closely aligned with actual questions on the exam
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There is more to passing the exam than understanding the 8 domains of the CBK. Our CISSP Exam Simulator is a powerful tool that allows you to study CBK material within the context of more than 2,500 practice exam questions that are just like the actual exam questions. You will benefit from Shon’s security expertise and intimate knowledge of the exam itself. This powerful CISSP review tool will hone your test-taking skills even as you strengthen your understanding of key security concepts.

As you can see below, from our Exam Simulator Main Menu you can select Domain-specific Exam Simulators or a Comprehensive Exam Simulator that covers all Domains.


The CISSP Exam Simulator presents all the concepts, tools, and methodologies that make up the 8 domains of the CBK within the context of a practice CISSP exam. It ensures that you have the security knowledge to be a CISSP and the test-taking skills to pass the exam. Learn more about our CISSP training online course.


Price: $99.00

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