Shon Harris Onsite Bootcamp™ for CISSP®

Experience unmatched, intensive training

There is nothing else like the original Shon Harris Bootcamp. Personally and painstakingly developed by Shon Harris and her most trusted inner circle of information security consultants, this exclusive training program will not only ensure you pass the CISSP on your try, but will also prepare you for achieving great results on the job.

You will learn to master all the key skills needed to effectively protect your organization against modern security challenges. By the time you graduate the Shon Harris Bootcamp, you will be armed to the teeth for defending against real-world threats in the wild. Expect employers to take notice.

Advance Your Career

Shon Harris Bootcamp for CISSP is targeted to professionals with at least five full years of experience in the information security field (waivers may apply), with direct experience in two or more of the 8 CISSP domains. The CISSP certification is seen as a requirement for many technical, mid-management, and senior management positions in cyber security.

Training So Good, It’s Triple Guaranteed

No other bootcamp training provider is this committed to your success.

  1. If you’re not completely satisfied by the end of day two, you’ll get a full refund.
  2. If you don’t pass the exam after attending, we’ll provide custom tutoring with a senior information security engineer, at no additional cost.
  3. Plus, students can re-attend for free, as many times as it takes until they pass.

We’ll mentor and coach you and we won’t quit until you pass the CISSP exam! Learn more about our CISSP Online Training program.

Get Full Coverage

This in-person training program provides five intense days of comprehensive training in all 8 domains of the (ISC)2 Common Body of Knowledge (CBK). The curriculum has been designed to meet a stringent set of criteria covering all essential elements necessary for thorough security today.

The course teaches security policy development, secure software development procedures, network vulnerabilities, attack types and corresponding countermeasures, cryptography concepts and their uses, disaster recovery plans and procedures, risk analysis, crucial laws and regulations, forensics, computer crime investigation procedures, physical security, and more. Further, students will explore the contents and concepts that make up the diverse domains, learning how they work together to provide true in-depth defense.

Expect The Very Best

  • The best instructors who share real-world scenarios that bring the material to life.
  • The best courseware created by Shon Harris and her colleagues that is more engaging and better designed than courseware provided by any other author, including (ISC)2.
  • The best student materials.
  • The best Exam Pass Guarantee: If a student doesn’t pass the exam, we’ll design a custom tutoring plan with mentoring from one of our Senior Information Security Engineers at no additional cost to make sure they pass the second time. And we’ll work with them for as long at it takes, we won’t quit until they pass the exam!

Everything Is Included

This Course Provides the Following Training Elements:

  • Instruction by top training experts in the industry
  • Shon Harris CISSP Student Workbook (over 1200 pages of information, in four volumes covering each of the eight CBK domains in depth)
  • CISSP All-In-One Exam Guide by Shon Harris & Fernando Maymi, 8th edition (McGraw Hill)
  • CISSP Practice Exams by Shon Harris and Jonathan Ham, 5th edition (McGraw Hill)
  • CISSP Exam Simulator and Flash Cards with practice questions for all domains

Bootcamp Curriculum:

Taught over 5 full days, this bootcamp covers each of the 8 Domains of the CBK.

  • Security and Risk Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Asset Security
  • Communication and Network Security
  • Security Engineering
  • Security Assessment and Testing
  • Security Operations
  • Software Development Security

Instruction includes lectures, question and answer sessions, and over 50 breakout sessions that cover selected topics in great detail with demonstrations and labs.

Incredible value for money

Shon Harris Bootcamps are no longer sold to the public. Bootcamps are sold to groups and corporate or government organizations only. Please call for details or email:

Bootcamps available for groups only – not sold to individual students.


Call today: 1-410-279-3028

Pass the first time. Guaranteed.


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"The instructor's real-world knowledge in every domain, plus the ability to walk through a concept taking the students from A to B, is extremely impressive and made the learning experience that much better."
Brian Lemons, ISSE, Harris Corp. "From someone who has taken a CISSP training class previously, I can honestly say there is a huge difference in presentation and knowledge provided by the Shon Harris Training. I feel that I am legitimately prepared for the exam after this course. Great job!!"
Michael Flores Business Information Security Officer, Citigroup "Without a doubt, the CISSP class was the best IT training experience of my 15+ years in the industry. The instructor's command of the material was exceptional."
Michael Madewell Network Administrator, Vista International Operations "I have attended many training classes in my career and I would rate this as one of the best. I really think CISSP training cannot be delivered any better than this. "
Yerri Swamy Lalgondar, Sr. Principal Consultant, Oracle Corporation "I really enjoyed the perspective that was gained through attending this class. I could not imagine trying to prepare for the CISSP exam without the framework provided both by Shon and Mike! Great class!!!"
C. Crumpton, Symantec "This is what I tell everyone about the class. Not only did I take the class and get the T-shirt, I got certified!" Jack E. Henserling III, Unit Security Manager, USAF

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